Butlers In Asia: Maids & Butlers Top Choice for Honeymoon Makers

Butlers in Asia -- maids and butlers

Asian Food, Culture and Services have been so famous all around the globe. Asia produces world class and well trained Maids & Butlers , not just the usual fictional butlers you see on movies. Hospitality serves as the main highlights of Asian services from villa butlers, or a private residence butler professionals.

One of the reasons why Asia is fast becoming and one on the top list for Holiday makers and honeymooners. According to the popular UK wedding magazine “You and Your Wedding and their 2012 Honeymoon Hot List” going east and shelling out a honeymoon in Asia is proving to be a favorite development.

With stays in ryokans (traditional Japanese inns), boutique properties and luxury resorts with private pools and butler service as well as tropical beaches, verdant landscapes and fascinating cities, Asia has something for every honeymooner.

“Whether the couple yearns for adventure, temple exploration, luxury experiences or private romance along the beach or river, Asia has all the ingredients for a magical and memorable honeymoon”, said Maeve Nolan, Product and Operations Manager at Backyard Travel. “We have a range of tours for two that will certainly appease all types of couples.” 

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